July 4, 2013

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The 5-foot tall, thin-as-a-rail Pixie has decided she needs to gain strength.

I have  no idea how this thought entered her head but she has proceeded to go about obtaining her goal. I have always admired this quality in her.  She has demonstrated decision-making and determination from a young age.  I remember offering a choice of vitamin to her siblings (because that is what good parents are supposed to do- ha!)  and they would have an awful time making up their minds.  They’d take one and then throw a fit because now they decided they should have taken the other one.  But not Pixie.  She’d look at the choices, grab one and be off.  Happy.  She knows what she wants and she’s shown strong ideas about what to wear. There have been times when something has been hard for her but she has stuck with it.  There are other times things have become hard and she has walked away from it seemingly because she has the attention span of a gnat.

So when she mentioned she wanted to gain strength I figured it would be a passing thing.  We searched through what was here at home and most of the exercise things were on video tape and our tape player is not working.  The next time we were at the library we checked out the exercise DVD section.  We looked through the meager selection and picked an “African Beat- Latin Heat” video.  It’s mainly aerobic and has a pretty quick pace. Since we brought it home, she has done it at least once every day but one.  Jaw dropping. Okay. so it was only five days, but still….

Today she decided she wanted to try something else.  I was able to find our DVD of a resistance band workout which is more strength training and probably more of what she wants anyway.  She worked her way through it like a champ.  I had to do it after her (we only have one set of resistance bands) because I was feeling sloth-like just watching her.

Then she decided to make a lasagna-type thing for lunch with noodles, pasta sauce, cheese and ham.  She did it all with minimal supervision and no recipe.

I am amazed.