May 30, 2008

May (0 Comments)

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Whew! May is (almost) over! It is always a crazy month around here and this year was no exception. May is a time when the grass starts growing, the weeds start growing, and, if you want it to grow- the garden planted. It’s lovely to see things start greening up, the flowers starting to bloom and the strawberries coming on. But- there is always a but, isn’t there?- these things also need attention from the humans in the household. Not just The Dog digging holes in the grass or the deer and pheasants feasting on the fresh grown sprigs.

Add to that- two birthdays, Mother’s Day, The Col.’s Annual Drill, lots of evenings worked, our church activities (partially increased due to the move), servers crashing, visiting Grandparents, and illnesses and the pleasant spring month of May becomes the month from…. well, you know where.

At this end of it I am grateful for the Blessings that May brings. Baby birds in the nests, flowers blooming, rain and sunshine… plus the joys of the two of us whose births we celebrated.

But I am glad it’s over, I’m tired.

Maybe June will slow down a bit.

Stop laughing!

May 23, 2008

Four (2 Comments)

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May 19, 2008

Toes (3 Comments)

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It’s been quite warm here (finally- for a day or two) so The Col. put on some shorts and came out with bare feet.

“You have long nails!” Pixie commented right away.

“And big toes!” someone else added as all three heads crowded around to examine his feet.

The Col. looked up at me with a funny look on his face, shrugged, and said “I guess they don’t see my feet very often.”

That or we really need to get them out more.

May 16, 2008

Professional Part 2 (0 Comments)

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I heard the screams coming from outside as I stood at the kitchen sink. Now if you had been watching me, you would have thought that I was a terrible, unfeeling, uncaring Mother because I just stood there. But, you see, I know that screams like that can be associated with slight bruises, light scrapes and just about any misfortune so I wasn’t too concerned.

Then Pixie opened the door and said “The Boy fell out of the tree!”

Oh great! He’s gone and broke his arm this time!

I went to the door where he met me, holding his arm. I gave him a big hug all the time thinking- he’s broken it, I just know.

He sobbed out his woeful story. He fell….

and scraped his arm on the way down.

Not broken but badly scraped. It did look like it would hurt.

But don’t you worry none, he’s a professional.

May 9, 2008

Taking a Rest (5 Comments)

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May 8, 2008

Falling Off Side (0 Comments)

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I was sitting on Pixie’s bed, talking to the girls before they went to bed when Pixie said:

“I want to sleep with Papa!”

You do? And where would I sleep?

She giggled, Otters often giggle, and said “You could sleep there too!”

How kind.

“I’d sleep in the middle, between you and Papa.”

Ah, that clears that up.

TG pops into the conversation “I want to sleep with Papa too!”

I must be chopped liver.

Where would you sleep?

“On the……(uses her hands to make a circle motion as she struggles to find the right words)…..falling off side!”

May 7, 2008

Professional (5 Comments)

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“Don’t worry Mom! I’m a professional!”

Landing! No broken legs. He’s a professional, ya know.

May 6, 2008

New Building (3 Comments)

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Sunday was a day of new beginnings. It was The Boy’s 8th birthday. I had fond memories of birthing him- yes, they were “fond”- after eight years, I can say that. And we were having our first church service in our new building!

The Boy wasn’t feeling well. Somehow he picked up the cough/cold bug and didn’t even want to eat his waffles that morning! Wow. He was disappointed as he had been looking forward to running around the new building with his walkie-talkies trying to get lost- or not. He was perking up by the time it was to leave but he wasn’t ready and I wasn’t sure about spreading germs so he and The Col. stayed home and had some quality “boy” time.

The Girls and I went off to the big event. I stayed in the nursery (someone had to do it) but the service sounded like it went well. Then a well attended pot luck and friends to chat with.

I had my trusty camera with me. A couple of people said “I forgot my camera but I knew you’d have yours so I didn’t go back for it.” Hmmm. Am I getting predictable? I was tired and the basement was dark so I wimped out. Yes, people, I wimped out and set it on complete automatic. I made my Digital SLR a point and shoot. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And they turned out well, overall. I only managed to take 150. Thank goodness for digital! Since I am awful about doing anything with them once I take them I will copy them to a CD and give them to a gentleman at church who does wonderful slide shows. It’ll be fun to see what he puts together. I think I tended to take pictures of people I know, so there were reoccurring faces but I hope I took enough shots of others too.

So, I’ll leave with impressions that will hopfully help answer the question of “why a new to us building?” Here is the old building- taken during practice for our Easter production- not the best artistically but gives a good feel of the sanctuary. Remember, you can click on the thumbnails to make them larger.


Totally different feel, isn’t it?

May 4, 2008

Eight (3 Comments)

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May 3, 2008

Fork (2 Comments)

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The meat from a pig.