March 26, 2009

The Tortilla Maker (3 Comments)

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I was rushing to get dinner cooked and trying to think of a side dish while talking to a friend of mine on the phone. She commented that she was making tortillas for dinner. Aha! thought I. I had some tortilla mix that I had bought awhile back at a store but hadn’t made any yet because there were not instructions (it was a bulk item) as to how much water to put in. I decided to just start adding some until it seemed the right consistency. I was feeling a bit stressed as The Girls crowded into the kitchen telling me vitally important stuff. Pixie asked to help.

No, I’m in a hurry.

She pulled up a chair to watch me anyway. You know, a little girl on a chair can sure impede the traffic flow but I held my tongue and tried to keep moving. She watched me take a bit of dough, put a bit of flour on the tortilla press, push down on the lever and peel off the tortilla before throwing it into a pan to cook. She asked if she could push down on it.

Oh, all right! I reluctantly said. But hurry!

She did that fine and we put the tortilla on the skillet. I rolled another ball and put it in the press then went off to tend something else. She pressed it.

Pixie pressing tortilla

Then peeled it off. I rolled the dough into the right sized balls for her and she took over. She put flour on the press, put in the ball of dough, pressed it and peeled it off.

Peeling the Tortilla off

I felt bad for being grumpy. Pixie ended up being a big help and was pleased that she was able to make the tortillas for dinner. They may not have been perfectly round, I wasn’t getting them that way either, but they tasted good.

Tortillas frying

We’ll have to make more sometime.


  1. Love that cast iron!!! Why is it soo hard to let the kiddos do the chair thing, that drives me crazy…..the chair is always in my way and I really struggle with being a patient mommy and letting the kids help. I suppose if I were to plan ahead and know what I was making each night I wouldn’t have to use all my brain power to hurry and make it “look” like I knew what I was going to cook. Then I’d be able to relax and casually have the kids help me make dinner each night. In my dreams I suppose. lol

    Comment by Julie — March 26, 2009 @ 1:45 pm

  2. I am usually in a hurry and most often the kitchen is a mess so then it’s really hard to have “helpers”. But I am trying to keep things up better and be more relaxed about it. Pixie is a good helper, in many ways. She often will jump in an be able to see what’s going on and do it. A wonderful quality- I think it’s a recessive gene because the rest of us don’t have it.

    Comment by JustMe — March 26, 2009 @ 1:53 pm

  3. It took me days to peel back the memory-onion, but do you remember the tortilla factory at the grocery store in Clovis? I remember standing there, fascinated, until ripped away for the mundane shopping experience. Bet your young tortilla-maker would like to see that, too.

    Comment by kn. — April 7, 2009 @ 5:06 am

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