May 19, 2010

Someone To Watch Over Me Part 2 (4 Comments)

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Way back when, when I was actually writing blog posts, I wrote a story about The Dog keeping an eye on the Chickens.

Well, he is still at it.  With new charges.

Click on the Thumbnails for full size photos.

Dog And ChicksYes, we have chicks.  Someday I will have to tell you all about the On Going, Continuing, Never Ending Chicken Saga.  ( I hope I wasn’t too redundant there.)

Dog and Chicks 2“Don’t worry, Mom, I have it all under control.”

Dog and Chicks 2Dog and Chicks 4

Keeping a close eye out.

Dog and Chicks 5“You talkin’ to me, Son?”

Dog and Chicks 6

“Hey!  Don’t peck me!”

(He is actually playing with them here but they don’t seem to get it.  Dumb birds anyway.)

I feel much better about The Dog watching over the chicks then I do this guy.

Cat and Chicks

June 27, 2009

Someone to Watch over Me (1 Comment)

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Dog and Chick

We had the Little Chicks outside in the pen one day.  Most stayed in their box but one was out exploring.  He had someone keeping a pretty close eye on him.

Dog and Chicks in Box

The Dog made sure the ones in the box were doing fine too.

Dog and Chick 2

He was very attentive to his little, self appointed, charge.

The Dog still likes to go out and check on all the chickens.  He’ll watch the Littles when they hide in their corner of the pen.  Sometimes he’ll get pretty excited and chase them out- just to see them scatter.  He’ll try to help round them up when they are out in the yard.

Want him to come baby sit for you?

June 22, 2009

Papa’s Helper (4 Comments)

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Helper Sunshine

(Click to enlarge and see her shoes.)

She has her googles on to be safe!

But maybe these two were better helpers.

Dog and Chick Helping

What do you think?

June 17, 2009

A Boy and his….Parrot? (1 Comment)

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The Boy and Polly

June 15, 2009

Empty Nest…..or Not (3 Comments)

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My husband is very considerate.  He is always thinking of me, putting my interests forward and striving to do the things that make me happy.  Therefore, he was very concerned that I would feel the Empty Nest, the Chicken- less kitchen, severely.  He didn’t want me to go through that trauma so suddenly.  Ever thinking of me, he brought these home for me…. and my kitchen.

Black Austrolorps

There are ten Black Australorps.  They are a breed that originally came from Austrailia.  They cheep with an Aussie accent.   They were a day old when they entered my kitchen.


The little guy in the corner, upside down is just sleeping.  They were so little they could get inside the feeder and would sometimes just fall asleep in there.  The white one is a Polish something that apparently doesn’t come from Poland but from Norway. I am very confused about his decent.   HIs accent is very confused.  It’s a fun one in that it’s feathers on it’s head will grow really long and floppy.

I no longer have a fowl-less kitchen.  A crisis was averted.

June 6, 2009

A Papa and his Chick (2 Comments)

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Col. and Chick

Discussing important things.

Col. and flapping chicken

Typical teenage response- I’m outta here!

Chicks in box

A new home! A bigger box.

June 4, 2009

A Place to Sleep (0 Comments)

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Chick on water sleeping

It’s asleep atop its water.

May 25, 2009

Roosting (2 Comments)

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First there was one.

Chick on box

Then there were four.

Five Roosting

In the end, in a larger box, there were nine roosting on the edge. I don’t have a picture of that. Poor dears were running out of room.

April 17, 2009

Fascinated (1 Comment)

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The biggest challenge since getting the chicks has been to keep the kids from loving them to death. They are constantly wanting to hold them. The chicks are so cute at this stage.

Sunshine, Papa and chick

Miss Sunshine learning how to hold a chick.

April 16, 2009

Chicks! (2 Comments)

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Fourteen of them. We have since lost one. We don’t know if they are girls or boys yet- we’ll see what we get.

We have talked, off and on, about getting some chickens. This spring Col. Panic started searching through the internet for information about chickens and then brought some home.

Chicks 1

Here are four Barred Rocks being placed in their new, temporary home.

Chicks 2

Then more! This looks like a Rhode Island Red. It was hard getting good shots with all the heads getting in the way.

Chicks 3

All set up with their feeder and water. Heat lamp to come.


Click to get a bigger picture. Everyone was fascinated watching the chicks.

Chicks 4

All huddled together. It’s a new adventure we are embarking on.