January 30, 2007

Sick, Sick everywhere (2 Comments)

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On Sunday the 21st Hans came down with a fever cold. He was down and out on Monday with a high temperature. Tuesday and Wednesday he was showing improvement but on Thursday his temperature went high again and he didn’t act like he felt well at all. He continued to have a low fever and by Sunday I was getting concerned. I told myself that if he still had it on Monday I would call the doctor. Then I took his temp and it was in the normal range! Whew! He has started to perk up too, which is a good sign. Although he still has a cough and runny nose.

I kept watching the girls, waiting to see if they would get it too. They just seemed fine all week. Brett, on the other hand, came down with the cold part pretty soon. I felt like I was fighting something off, took Coldeze lozenges when my throat felt sore and some fake Air Borne too.

Then Saturday morning rolled around. I was awakened by whinny “Mommy”s coming from the girl’s room about 6:30. I got up and went in there to find Kirsten on the floor pointing to a wet spot on the floor- “I threw up!” Great way to start the day, I always say. Really, I’m sure I say that. Kirsten ended up doing the nasty deed every half hour, stretching longer slowly. She seemed done with that part early in the afternoon but was running a fever. Talia ate a large breakfast and was playing all around, seemingly the only truly healthy one in the bunch. I was feeling a little off but I have also been known to be a little bit of a hypochondriac and with all of the sickness around me, I had plenty of symptoms to feed off of. Then in the late morning, Talia came up to me and laid her head on my leg, saying “I don’t feel!” Yep, she was hot too. She was “sick” really only once but she seemed to feel worse than KJ later.

We kept our germs to ourselves and stayed home from Church on Sunday. I can’t think of an instance where the whole family has stayed home before. We watched lots of TV- mostly Looney Tunes DVDs. The girls slept alot. Hans wouldn’t take a nap but fell asleep in a chair before 8 o’clock. Brett stayed home from work on Monday and everyone continued to lie around.

Through this all, I have been waiting to get really sick. And waiting. And waiting. But, so far, praise the Lord! I have remained well. This is surprising because I used to catch about everything out there. Maybe that’s what has given me immunity. Also, I am the Mother- which means I deal with the body fluids. I shall leave that there but it contrubutes to my surprise.

Today, Hans seems well and we had school. Talia slept until 8 AM and still seems a little off. She’s been having problems with the other end now. Kirsten also but she seems to be OK otherwise.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I will be glad to have everyone back to their rambunctious selves again.

January 29, 2007

Here We Go! (1 Comment)

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This is the start of my blog.  I am sure everyone has been breathlessly waiting.  Well, you  can take a breath now because here it is.

I’m not sure what exactly I will be saying.  I think things about the kids, updates on the cute and not so cute things they do.  Maybe some recipes.  Life in general.  This way, people can check in when they want and not have their email boxes filled with things they aren’t interested in.  I’m always afraid I am annoying people when I send out the profiles on the kids.

Remember, be gentle.  This is my first, stumbling attempts at this.