August 29, 2008

Adults Only (2 Comments)

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I know that many of you thought this was a nice, clean, wholesome site, but my next item may call our family friendliness into question.

After a recent grueling day at the office, I was mentally exhausted, nursing a headache, and “hearing” unpleasant things from some rather tight muscles in my shoulders. My family and I had just enjoyed a delightful meal prepared by a particularly lovely and capable chef, who just coincidently happens to be the official webmistress of this web site.

Before pushing back from the table, KJ generously offered to rub my aching back. I thought this sounded like a splendid idea, and proceeded to remove my shirt and stretch my tired carcass out on the floor, belly down, eager to feel the tension oozing away from my body.

Pixie climbed on, and began “rubbing” my back and neck.



If you use your imagination.

A bit.

Ok, the word “rubbing” might be a stretch. Poking might be more accurate. Actually, she doesn’t do half bad at massaging tired backs sometimes, but this wasn’t one of those times. She was distracted, preoccupied, or perhaps just feeling more like the otter she is.

I felt her arranging a silk ribbon around one of my ears, fluffing it all up “just so.” She paused for a moment, then said something that I really didn’t pay much attention to. I was trying not to fight my body’s desire to lose consciousness, despite the abundance of child noises surrounding me, the ribbon tickling my face, the “rubbing,” and everything else going on. I must say, sometimes I am quite successful in succumbing to a power nap even in the midst of a chaotic environment. So, I wasn’t processing whatever was being said; that might mean that I would have to actually utilize valuable mental resources to distinguish noise and random words from attempts to make genuine conversation.

But there it was again. She repeated herself, and I had no choice but to hear it this time, for the phrase contained my name. She was talking to her brother.

“Papa’s being X-rated!”

Huh? *click!* *whir!* I’m being… what? At this point I verbalized nothing, but my mind was trying to get a handle on what my ears had apparently heard.

I guess the boy wasn’t paying sufficient attention either, for I felt Pix cup her hands on my back, and say, “See? Papa’s being X-rated!”

I’m being what?

“X-rated. So we can see what’s wrong with your shoulder!”

Pause… Ahhh! You’re wanting to see the bones inside my body?

She nods and smiles.

I smile back. I had no idea how pornographic our family massage parlor really was.

More 4 Year Old Cuteness (0 Comments)

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My baby is four. The last of the babies. She still says some pretty cute things- I know this too will pass. Here’s a few:

We saw a Chinook Helicopter flying around on the way to church Sunday. Sunshine saw it and got excited.

“We saw one of those at the, uh, uh, uh….”

“Airport?” her Papa offered helpfully.

“No! At the uh… uh….”

“Air show?” Asked in confusion because where else but the airport would the air show be held?

“Yeah! The air show! That’s where we saw the Chimook.”


The kids have started the annoying game of copying each other- repeating back what the first one says. This, of course, causes great annoyance in the copyee. (I know, it’s not a word.) It’ll go something like this (and I am highly condensing- be thankful):

“I like it!” says Sunshine

“I like it!” repeats Pixie.

“Stop it!” says Sunshine with increasing shrillness.

“Stop it!” parrots the Otter.

“I said stop coughing me!” shrieks the four year old.


She’s also a bat sleeper.

Bat sleeper

August 28, 2008

Hummers (2 Comments)

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Two Humingbirds

August 27, 2008

Ashes or something (2 Comments)

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We were out driving around when the CD with songs from Vacation Bible School came on. The kids, especially the girls, really like it. TG kept murmuring something about the “Ashes” song. She asks me to turn up the music and then starts hemming and hawing and saying “Mom!”. So I turn the music down to actually hear her and then she doesn’t really have anything to say. It can be frustrating. But I did hear something about the ashes song again. I didn’t know what she was talking about.

We reached one of our stops and I waited to get out so we could finish up a song. She kept talking through it that she wanted to hear the rest of the song.

Gosh! If you’d be quiet then you’d hear the rest of the song! See me twitch?

So we get our errand done and start off again. One song has a chorus that goes something like this: “My actions meet my passion for what My God has done!” Then I heard that word again- ashes. Oh!

“My ashes meet my Passion!”

That puts a whole new spin on those lyrics.

August 26, 2008

Hummingbirds (3 Comments)

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We enjoy watching the hummingbirds that frequent our feeders.


It’s fun seeing them zip about.

Humingbird 2

They even share, once in awhile.

Humingbird 3

August 19, 2008

Weed Control (3 Comments)

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Alternate title: Embarrassing Oneself On the Internet….Again.

Weed Control 1

We have a weed problem. Due to various reasons, too numerous and varied to mention, the weeds got ahead of us this year. Well, they often do but this year it seems extra “bountiful”.

Weed Control 2

The Weeds are up and down the driveway, around and in the parking area and taking over the driveway to the shop. One method of weed control we are aggressively pursuing is the “Drive Over Those Puppies” application.

Weed Control 3

You see The Col. applying the technique here.

Weed Control 4

At first the kids were a little apprehensive about going down the driveway at such a slant but now think it’s quite fun. We’ve all come to appreciate the smell of weeds burning on the exhaust.

Weed Control 5

It even works, kind of. It’s sort of environmentally friendly- no chemicals being sprayed about. It’s an efficient use of time- The Col. is on his way to work here.
I think it’s a “win, win” situation.

August 18, 2008

Can You See It? (1 Comment)

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They are trying to see the light.

See it?

Does it shine through?

No? Are you sure?

No light

Nope. Can’t see it. Something must be in there.

August 15, 2008

Mom by Pixie (2 Comments)

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Mom By Pixie

I thought I would show you what my Mom looks like since she doesn’t post pictures of herself very often. See? She has long hair, mainly because she hasn’t gone to get it cut for a long, long time. Her nails are all grown out. I have nails, they need to be trimmed.

She wears dangley ear rings on her ears. See them? I want to be able to wear them too.

She has lots of teeth too.

The sun is shining! See all the letters I wrote?

Sorry about the foot being torn off- it was an accident.



P.S. Mom says I can’t show you the picture I drew of Papa. She used big words. Something about it being correct. Then comes the really big word- anatomically. I don’t know what that means.

August 14, 2008

Rose #1 Cropped (2 Comments)

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I have a passionate supporter of Rose #1. She sent me a cropped version of it and I do have to say it makes a difference. Here it is cropped and with a few of the background distractions gone. What do you think?

Rose #1 Cropped

Or, why not go all the way?

Rose #1 Crop #2

August 12, 2008

Rose (9 Comments)

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I can’t decide which I like better.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

Rose 1

Rose 2

Rose 3

Which is your favorite?