February 1, 2007

Pixie? (2 Comments)

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When is a Pixie not a Pixie? When she is 5’10” tall.

Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary- Pixie or Pixy- n. a small, mischievous elf or fairy.

I gave Kirsten the nickname of Pixie when, for the first two years of her life, she hovered on the 50th percentile line on the growth chart. If that line was followed out to adulthood, she would have been 5’4″ tall. Hmmm. When we pointed this out to the Doctor, she looked at both of us and said “there is no way you two could have a 5’4″ child”. Not that I have anything against 5’4″, it just seemed odd. We harkened back to my Grandmothers to account for the “short” gene.

I had noticed of late, that Kirsten seemed to be shooting up and looked taller than other girls her age and I began to wonder….

I found a height predictor calculator on WebMd.com where you put in the mother’s and father’s height and also the child’s age, height and weight. Both the girls were coming up 5’9″ tall, which would be the median between Brett and me (slightly closer to me). But I had noticed with Hans that after the age of 4, it started to take into consideration how tall the child was at that point. Now that Pixie was 4, I entered the information in for her. It says she will now be 5’10” tall. I guess that is not “small” but the “mischievous ” part still fits. She may not be a “Pixie” to the rest of the world but she may be the Pixie of our children. I compared the girl’s hands yesterday and they are the same size. Her “little” sister may pass her up yet.


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