May 27, 2009

It Had to Happen…. (5 Comments)

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One of these days, I just knew, it was going to happen.

Sunshine scissors

One of the kids would experiment with cutting their hair, specifically their bangs. The Boy, being the oldest, was scissor challenged because I would hardly let him touch the things. I drilled into him “Scissors cut paper! Never hair!”

I thought I was still being diligent about keeping the scissors out of reach. There was the one little incident when Pixie cut a bit of her hair but it was in the long portion and easily hid. I renewed by efforts of scissor banishment and on we went.

But then, with the girls being more interested in crafts than their brother ever was, the scissors came down and were left out in the open. So very tempting. Calling her name, I’m sure.

So she took them, hid, threw away the evidence and hoped no one would notice.

Sunshine bangs

Umm, yeah. Not noticeable at all.

So I trimmed it all up; at least she left a bit, it wasn’t cut at scalp level.

*Note: I am behind in my postings (you didn’t notice that it was pretty quiet around here, did you?) This happened in April but I had to put it up. You can see in her birthday shot how things are growing out. I will continue to post some things that have happened and try to catch us up as well as insert some newer things.*

****Note to Editor: I bravely used a semi-colon. I hope I didn’t cause you a heart attack as it’s probably improper usage. *****

May 25, 2009

Roosting (2 Comments)

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First there was one.

Chick on box

Then there were four.

Five Roosting

In the end, in a larger box, there were nine roosting on the edge. I don’t have a picture of that. Poor dears were running out of room.

May 23, 2009

Five (3 Comments)

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For the third and last time we have a five year old.



May 6, 2009

The Cake (0 Comments)

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We had friends over on Saturday to help celebrate The Boy. He had wanted mint chocolate chip ice cream cake so being Julia Child in disguise I whipped one right up. Snort. Internet recipes- what a blessing!

I took the cake out a few minutes before we needed it so that is would soften up and be ready to cut. But then this happened-

Melting Cake

I don’t know if the freezer door hadn’t been closed all the way the last time I was in it or if I lost track of time time and had it out too long. I also think the ice cream was a brand that was particularly soft. But whatever the reason, it was melting and melting fast. So I snapped a few photos and we cut it up. It wasn’t until we had some on Monday, the true birthday, that we put candles on it. It looked a bit worse for wear.

Cake and Candles

But The Boy didn’t seem to mind.

The Boy and Cake

Blowing candles

It sure tasted good though.

May 4, 2009

Nine (4 Comments)

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Cool Dude