June 27, 2009

Someone to Watch over Me (1 Comment)

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Dog and Chick

We had the Little Chicks outside in the pen one day.  Most stayed in their box but one was out exploring.  He had someone keeping a pretty close eye on him.

Dog and Chicks in Box

The Dog made sure the ones in the box were doing fine too.

Dog and Chick 2

He was very attentive to his little, self appointed, charge.

The Dog still likes to go out and check on all the chickens.  He’ll watch the Littles when they hide in their corner of the pen.  Sometimes he’ll get pretty excited and chase them out- just to see them scatter.  He’ll try to help round them up when they are out in the yard.

Want him to come baby sit for you?

June 24, 2009

What Season is it? (0 Comments)

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You have to see this one to believe it.

Pixie in nightgown

Yes, Miss Pixie is wearing sandals (jellies) with socks, her nightgown, heavy jacket and mittens.

It’s June.

I will say that our mornings can be rather chilly sometimes but I do think this is a little extreme.

Then she gives me that Otter smile….



June 22, 2009

Papa’s Helper (4 Comments)

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Helper Sunshine

(Click to enlarge and see her shoes.)

She has her googles on to be safe!

But maybe these two were better helpers.

Dog and Chick Helping

What do you think?

June 17, 2009

A Boy and his….Parrot? (1 Comment)

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The Boy and Polly

June 15, 2009

Empty Nest…..or Not (3 Comments)

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My husband is very considerate.  He is always thinking of me, putting my interests forward and striving to do the things that make me happy.  Therefore, he was very concerned that I would feel the Empty Nest, the Chicken- less kitchen, severely.  He didn’t want me to go through that trauma so suddenly.  Ever thinking of me, he brought these home for me…. and my kitchen.

Black Austrolorps

There are ten Black Australorps.  They are a breed that originally came from Austrailia.  They cheep with an Aussie accent.   They were a day old when they entered my kitchen.


The little guy in the corner, upside down is just sleeping.  They were so little they could get inside the feeder and would sometimes just fall asleep in there.  The white one is a Polish something that apparently doesn’t come from Poland but from Norway. I am very confused about his decent.   HIs accent is very confused.  It’s a fun one in that it’s feathers on it’s head will grow really long and floppy.

I no longer have a fowl-less kitchen.  A crisis was averted.

June 13, 2009

Wind Chimes (0 Comments)

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This shows how far behind I am at blogging but I wanted to share it.

This lovely thing, not the child doing a model impersonation, is my Mother’s Day gift.

Pixie and Chimes

It is tuned to the key of A or A minus, I can’t remember.   We hung it on the front porch but decided it wasn’t catching the wind there so we moved it out to the bird feeder.

Wind Chimes

I keep my kitchen window open a bit so I can hear them through out the day.



June 10, 2009

A Place of their Own (2 Comments)

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The chicks were growing up. Being teenagers, if you will.

The food would get low and they would fly to the fridge to get some more.

OK, maybe not. But they would get restless and start flying out of the box onto various nearby things. Like the table and the island. I was thrilled as I am sure you would be too.

They were staying up way too late at night, “talking.” We turned out their light.

They were simply getting too big for the box and needed more space. We’d try taking them outside for awhile each day to run off energy but it didn’t seem to be working.

Company was coming…the race was on to get a pen done.

Chicken Pen work

The Col. had helpers.

Pixie helping

Some were very enthusiastic and worked away even when a friend visited.

Sunshine hard at work

There were supervisors, too.

Chcikens watching Pen

Nailing together the door.

Pen Door

In their very nice pen under their temporary shelter as they oversee the building of their coop.

Chicks in pen

Ah, I had a fowl-less kitchen again.

June 8, 2009

Horses and Bears (2 Comments)

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Pink Hat Girl

Pixie and I were walking along, hand in hand when she said “Papa is thinking of getting me a horse.”

Oh really?

I later asked him about this and he can’t remember the conversation but leave it to Miss Literal to not miss anything.

“Yes, so I can ride in the parade.”

I see.

“I want to be a bear in the parade.”

My mind pictures a cute little brown bear costumed Pixie on top of a horse in a parade. Why does she need a horse for that? She could just walk. Her little voice interrupts my vision of her in a bear costume walking the parade route.

“I don’t mean a costume…”

Can she read minds?

“I want to have a flag and be a flag bear on a horse.”

June 6, 2009

A Papa and his Chick (2 Comments)

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Col. and Chick

Discussing important things.

Col. and flapping chicken

Typical teenage response- I’m outta here!

Chicks in box

A new home! A bigger box.

June 4, 2009

A Place to Sleep (0 Comments)

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Chick on water sleeping

It’s asleep atop its water.