May 19, 2010

Someone To Watch Over Me Part 2 (4 Comments)

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Way back when, when I was actually writing blog posts, I wrote a story about The Dog keeping an eye on the Chickens.

Well, he is still at it.  With new charges.

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Dog And ChicksYes, we have chicks.  Someday I will have to tell you all about the On Going, Continuing, Never Ending Chicken Saga.  ( I hope I wasn’t too redundant there.)

Dog and Chicks 2“Don’t worry, Mom, I have it all under control.”

Dog and Chicks 2Dog and Chicks 4

Keeping a close eye out.

Dog and Chicks 5“You talkin’ to me, Son?”

Dog and Chicks 6

“Hey!  Don’t peck me!”

(He is actually playing with them here but they don’t seem to get it.  Dumb birds anyway.)

I feel much better about The Dog watching over the chicks then I do this guy.

Cat and Chicks