October 30, 2008

Decorating Style (8 Comments)

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After last Christmas, I decided to go the “minimal” route and leave most of my knick-knacks packed away. Even a beautiful object doesn’t look good under a coat of dust. Also, even though I try, there are the odd balls, stuffed toy, sock or airplane being thrown around which can wreck an artfully laid out display in seconds. Then, there are the little hands that just have to move things around and re-organize the display. It wasn’t worth playing havoc with my control issues to have it all out.

This Autumn as the leaves started to turn, I thought it would be nice to put out a few “fallish” items to celebrate the season. But everywhere I turned I found the spot already “decorated”

On top of the piano.


Tractor Piano

On the antique buffet.

Tractor buffet

Here’s a detail of the tractor- the other tractor gets hooked up to the “implement” every other day. You know, for variety.

Tractor Buffet 2

On the printer.

Tractors on Printer

On the shelf.

Shelf tractors and airplanes

The shelf and printer are unique because they not only have tractors but also have airplanes. The airplanes were there first and then it was decided that it was the season for tractors. A close up of the planes.

Plane detail

They are everywhere. I don’t know where this decorator came from or who gave him permission to decorate my house but come Christmas time I’m staging a coup! I will take back what is mine! There will be no lights on tractors! No shining balls on airplanes! I am woman and I am strong!

Who is with me?!

October 23, 2008

German Chocolate (5 Comments)

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I recently made a German Chocolate cake from scratch for a certain Somebody’s birthday.

German Chocolate Cake 1

It took a bit of effort but I thought it turned out pretty well.

German Chocolate Cake 2

(See the all important Chinese Chili Sauce in the background? It has permanent residency on the table but not on the cake.)

The important person liked the cake. And The Boy thought it was great. The Girls, on the other hand, didn’t like the “frosting”. Coconut and pecans swimming in sweetness doesn’t appeal to them. As with most of the dinners I fix, I have found that you can’t please everybody so I don’t even try anymore. In this case, there wasn’t much sadness about it- in fact there was some joy as it meant more for the ones of us who liked it.

October 22, 2008

Sports and Fashion Collide (4 Comments)

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The Local Homeschool group is having a weekly sports time. Right now they are learning how to play soccer. This is for the older kids and The Boy just squeaks in. He has been enjoying it very much and it’s great for him to learn about various sports.

It’s at a local park and The Girls can play on the play structure with the other young children. Last week another Mom, Mrs. J, decided to take the younger ones- from about 5 up- and show them how to play too. Pixie decided she didn’t want to do that and played with the real young children. She likes to “mother” all the toddlers.

On the way home, Pixie asked-“Do the kids learning how to play soccer with Mrs. J have to wear the green thingys?”

Hmmm, green thingys? Oh yes, the green jerseys the kids on one team wear to distinguish the teams from each other.

No, the little kids don’t have to wear those.

“Oh, good! Then next week, I’ll go play with them!”

That’s my girl! Always got fashion on her mind.

October 16, 2008

Boy Trouble! (8 Comments)

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A new boy has moved into our circle of friends.

Miss Sunshine calls him “My Friend”. She hardly ever uses his name.

“I want to sit by My Friend!” she proclaims at Sunday School.

“I am making this for My Friend.” she declares.

She is going to marry him.

The problem is that her sister also wants to marry him.

At least we are keeping it in the family.

Pixie calls him by his name and they are picking out houses together.

The Girls get into arguments about who is going to marry whom.

“I’m going to marry him!”

“No! I am going to marry him!”


I tell them that we’ll decide this in about 20 plus years. The longer the better.

The Brother, at dinner today, just to stir the pot, asked The Sisters if they loved this boy.

“I gave my heart in his heart.” Sunshine poetically proclaimed.

My heart sinks. What is a mother to do? I have been warned that he had a girl he was going to marry when he lived back East but now he has thrown her over because she is too far away.

I don’t know. A fickle, boy from the East. What could be worse??? What is a mother to do?

Well, we aren’t picking out wedding dresses yet but I’m keeping my eye on that boy.

October 14, 2008

Burn Baby Burn! (0 Comments)

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Pile Fire

We were finally able to light up the pile of branches from the tree that crashed.

Burn Pile

Now we just have to wait for a good time, when we are allowed to burn and it’s dry enough, to burn the weeds.

Burn Pile 2

October 13, 2008

Disapointment (5 Comments)

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We have whined calmly and with minimal exaggeration explained our harsh growing conditions here. We are continuing the saga here today as, with heavy hearts and down turned faces, we present the sad, sad story.

Gopher Tree

A gopher got this one. Yes, it’s Autumn and the leaves are supposed to be turning yellow but the other trees were still green and not dry and crunchy.

Munched Tree

Another munched tree. This is was the Pie Cherry tree. It is close to the Peach tree that got the same treatment this spring. This was caused by deer. Hunting season is upon us but seems to have not effected our local deer population. Recently, Col. Panic saw three bucks- a fork, three point and a four point- with several does wander across the wheat field behind the house. The deer continue to use our yard as a buffet line- enjoying the various treats that we have so kindly planted and watered for them.

Here’s the advertisment being aired on the Gopher and Deer Entertainment Network right now: “All gophers and deer! Come dine on The Human’s Hard Work under the starry sky at this exclusive Fine Gopher and Deer Dining Establishment!”

The advertisment is working- they keep coming in droves.

October 8, 2008

Generous Heart (7 Comments)

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There are times when raising children that one feels that the child will grow up to be the most selfish, inconsiderate, obnoxious person out there. It’s a challenge to tear the child away from selfish desires and teach them to think of others. It’s not a natural thing. I am dismayed to see my child go over to another and whack him for no apparent reason- or, I should say, no apparent reason that I can see. Then one refuses to let another have a toy even though she isn’t playing with it at that time. These things can trouble a mother’s heart.

When we were visiting The Grandparent’s this summer the kids partook of many treats. The freezer at Grandma’s is full of really good stuff- ice cream treats and Popsicles. She also bakes very well. After lunch the kids got to have Popsicles. I dolled them out, trying to avoid the arguments about what color every one wanted, and gave The Boy broken ones two days in a row. On the third day, I pulled out one that was broken but knowing that he had endured two flawed ones already, I handed it to his Baby Sister and gave him the whole one. Baby Sister stared at the broken pop in her hand and started the high pitched whine.

“I don’t want it! It’s broken!”

It’ll still taste the same.

“But it’s broken!” wailing in a higher pitch.

Your Brother has had two broken ones, he gets a whole one this time. You can still eat it.

Squirms in her seat and starts to cry. I am contemplating what action to take when I look at The Boy.

“She can have mine.”

Baby Sis calms down and makes the trade. After prodding she says “thank you”.

He smiles.

One definitely needs more work but the other shines a glimmer of hope into his Mother’s heart.

October 1, 2008

Planters (4 Comments)

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One of my many cousins came over for a visit when we were at my parent’s back in July. Looking back, I see I promised stories and photos about the trip. And then didn’t post any photos! I took a ton so we may have to go retro here and revisit July.

Back to my cousin. This Cousin, a dear friend to me, has an artistic eye. I have often admired her sense of style and her ability to “see” things. I take tons of photos with the belief that sooner or later I will take a good one. Later as I go through what I’ve taken I’ll think- oh! that turned out nice! or the more often that didn’t work! Cousin pointed out to me one of my Dad’s planters on the patio and commented that it would make a neat picture. I didn’t imediately run and get my camera but I did remember what she said and later I went back and took a few. The Girls had “watered” the plants- took cups full of water to them earlier so there is a bit of a darker area from the water that I wish wasn’t there but it still is a neat perspective.

Planter 1

I also like this one even though it’s a bit crocked. (oops, I see they are both a bit crocked- what does that tell you about my ability to “see” a picture?) I think they might be better if cropped down so just the wood of the planter shows and not the rock patio.


Thanks Cousin for a neat perspective!