December 18, 2008

It’s A…A…A Lighted Animal! (4 Comments)

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I was told I put it together wrong thereby changing the species.

Lighted Animal

December 17, 2008

Hawk! (5 Comments)

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We have lots of snow! The Col. has been good about keeping the birds fed and we are enjoying watching the hordes of them wipe the food out.

Yesterday, I noticed something sticking out of the snow. Is it a bird’s tail? No, I decided, it was some sticks the Boy must have stuck out there. Then he wandered in and looked out.

“What’s that out there? Is it a bird?”

He swore he hadn’t left sticks out there and then he ventured forth into the single digit temperatures to see what it was. It was indeed a bird, dead, sunk into the snow. The Col. looked at it when he got home and said it was a dove.

This morning, I glanced out the window and saw a hawk feasting on the remains. I grabbed my camera but knew if I went outside it would fly off so I snapped a few through the window. So please excuse the poor quality.


He sat there a long time just surveying the landscape. He must not have been too hungry. The other birds, who had been hanging out in the rose bush by the house, began to get brave and venture back to the feeder. Can you see them? There is even one on the ground.

Hawk and Feeder

Then the hawk swooped into the air heading straight for the rose bush. Birds scattered!

Hawk flying

He gave them a good scare but I don’t think he got one.

October 14, 2008

Burn Baby Burn! (0 Comments)

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Pile Fire

We were finally able to light up the pile of branches from the tree that crashed.

Burn Pile

Now we just have to wait for a good time, when we are allowed to burn and it’s dry enough, to burn the weeds.

Burn Pile 2

October 13, 2008

Disapointment (5 Comments)

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We have whined calmly and with minimal exaggeration explained our harsh growing conditions here. We are continuing the saga here today as, with heavy hearts and down turned faces, we present the sad, sad story.

Gopher Tree

A gopher got this one. Yes, it’s Autumn and the leaves are supposed to be turning yellow but the other trees were still green and not dry and crunchy.

Munched Tree

Another munched tree. This is was the Pie Cherry tree. It is close to the Peach tree that got the same treatment this spring. This was caused by deer. Hunting season is upon us but seems to have not effected our local deer population. Recently, Col. Panic saw three bucks- a fork, three point and a four point- with several does wander across the wheat field behind the house. The deer continue to use our yard as a buffet line- enjoying the various treats that we have so kindly planted and watered for them.

Here’s the advertisment being aired on the Gopher and Deer Entertainment Network right now: “All gophers and deer! Come dine on The Human’s Hard Work under the starry sky at this exclusive Fine Gopher and Deer Dining Establishment!”

The advertisment is working- they keep coming in droves.

October 1, 2008

Planters (4 Comments)

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One of my many cousins came over for a visit when we were at my parent’s back in July. Looking back, I see I promised stories and photos about the trip. And then didn’t post any photos! I took a ton so we may have to go retro here and revisit July.

Back to my cousin. This Cousin, a dear friend to me, has an artistic eye. I have often admired her sense of style and her ability to “see” things. I take tons of photos with the belief that sooner or later I will take a good one. Later as I go through what I’ve taken I’ll think- oh! that turned out nice! or the more often that didn’t work! Cousin pointed out to me one of my Dad’s planters on the patio and commented that it would make a neat picture. I didn’t imediately run and get my camera but I did remember what she said and later I went back and took a few. The Girls had “watered” the plants- took cups full of water to them earlier so there is a bit of a darker area from the water that I wish wasn’t there but it still is a neat perspective.

Planter 1

I also like this one even though it’s a bit crocked. (oops, I see they are both a bit crocked- what does that tell you about my ability to “see” a picture?) I think they might be better if cropped down so just the wood of the planter shows and not the rock patio.


Thanks Cousin for a neat perspective!

August 28, 2008

Hummers (2 Comments)

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Two Humingbirds

August 26, 2008

Hummingbirds (3 Comments)

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We enjoy watching the hummingbirds that frequent our feeders.


It’s fun seeing them zip about.

Humingbird 2

They even share, once in awhile.

Humingbird 3

August 19, 2008

Weed Control (3 Comments)

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Alternate title: Embarrassing Oneself On the Internet….Again.

Weed Control 1

We have a weed problem. Due to various reasons, too numerous and varied to mention, the weeds got ahead of us this year. Well, they often do but this year it seems extra “bountiful”.

Weed Control 2

The Weeds are up and down the driveway, around and in the parking area and taking over the driveway to the shop. One method of weed control we are aggressively pursuing is the “Drive Over Those Puppies” application.

Weed Control 3

You see The Col. applying the technique here.

Weed Control 4

At first the kids were a little apprehensive about going down the driveway at such a slant but now think it’s quite fun. We’ve all come to appreciate the smell of weeds burning on the exhaust.

Weed Control 5

It even works, kind of. It’s sort of environmentally friendly- no chemicals being sprayed about. It’s an efficient use of time- The Col. is on his way to work here.
I think it’s a “win, win” situation.

July 27, 2008

Iris (1 Comment)

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July 3, 2008

Copious Cherry Crop (4 Comments)

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The Boy brought in our copious cherry crop of three sour cherries the other day and loudly proclaimed that I needed to make a pie with them. Pretty meager pie, if you ask me. Pixie tried one and proclaimed that yes, it was a sour cherry!

The Sour Cherry tree is the only cherry tree with actual cherries on it. It’s so exciting! Not that there are really that many or that they are very large. But they are there!

Sour Cherry


Gives one hope for the future.

Note: I’ve now used the word “copious” in two posts! Aren’t you proud of me?