September 28, 2007

Cheerful Brute (0 Comments)

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Cheerful Brute

It’s hard to believe that our sweet, cheery little baby is capable of brutally pummeling her older siblings!

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Wiggly Readers (0 Comments)

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Story Time

HP reading to his sisters. What precious gifts from God they all are!

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September 25, 2007

Bloggy Stuff (4 Comments)

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In case you have wondered- and even if you didn’t- the photo in the banner at the top of the page is indeed of our little homestead. We live in the rectangular box, the neat building with the steep pitched roof is the Shop. It’s a sad day when The Shop is fancier than The Home. It’s not finished inside so that is one advantage that the house has going for it.

There is now a place for you to subscribe! This means that an email would be sent to you when an entry is added to the blog. You can choose to get the whole entry or just an excerpt in the email notification. If you are subscribed, you will not have to remember to check back to see if anything new has been added. Or you will not get tired and disappointed after checking back daily for days on end with no new post. You can also choose to get a notification for all posts or just for ones in certain categories. So if you are only interesting in one of the kids then you could just subscribe to that kid’s category. It’s easy, free and Col. Panic took the time and effort to get it installed so don’t disappoint him. Click on the “Why Register” at the top.
Speaking of the good (ahem) Col. Panic- if you have ever wondered how he got that name check out the Site Hacker page.

Just as a curiosity, do you all like the font? Too small, too big, too plain, or too difficult to read? Maybe ‘just right’? Let us know!

Thanks for reading our little blog. I enjoy hearing from you whether here or via email. Keep checking back, now, ya hear?

September 22, 2007

Cleaning the Tub (0 Comments)

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I decided it was high time to clean the shower in the Master Bath. I know it’s autumn but I don’t think the tub should be decorated in orange and brown even at this time of the year.

I bought a new shower liner, took the old one down, washed the pretty outer part and sprayed down the tub.

As I started to work TG decided to join me.

“Are you cleaning Papa’s shower?”


She kneels down next to me.

“This is Papa’s shower but he lets you use it.”

Yep, Papa is nice that way. He also “lets” me clean it.

“There’s your stinky butt.”

It’s just my back and butts aren’t stinky.

“Are you cleaning the tub?”


“There’s your stinky butt, again.”

Honey, we don’t say butts are stinky and in this house we use the term “bum.”

She breathes the fumes in deeply and I cringe thinking that when she gets lung cancer, I will remember this moment with horror.

Why don’t you go outside?


Why don’t you get dressed?

After much fussing about she takes off her nighty and gets her pants on.

“Will you snap my pants?”

My head is stuck in the tub still and my gloved hands are all wet and dirty.

Ah, no.

“Snap my pants!”

You’ll have to wait until my hands aren’t dirty and wet.

“Look at me!”

She’s standing with her head on the floor and her bum up in the air.

I have to look to get her to stop saying it over and over.

Why don’t you put your shirt on?

“No, my pants aren’t snapped.”

Yes, why don’t you get your shirt on and brush your teeth while you wait for me?

“But my pants aren’t snapped.”


Finally, the job is done, I get her pants snapped and her shirt on. After her version of “looking” for her shoes is over (playing with other stuff while saying she can’t find her shoes) she finally goes outside leaving me to wonder how I ever got stuff done without all this help.

What’d you say? (0 Comments)

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We had a nice breakfast this morning. On Saturday I usually make a big hot breakfast. This morning we had Sausage, Mushroom and Cheese Omelet, hash browns and whole wheat toast.

I asked TG if she wanted ketchup on her potatoes.

“Uh-uhh” was the reply.

Now, the TV (or TB depending on who you ask) was on and there was other talk going on at the table so I missed what exactly it was she mumbled.

So I asked again.

“Uh-uhh!” was the reply again.

Now, I am starting to feel frustrated because I can’t make out what she is saying, partly because she is not looking at me and I know if I get it wrong it would be catastrophic, for heavens sake. So being a deaf, dense Mother, I ask again.

Do you want ketchup on your potatoes?!?

“I said No! I said no two times!!!”


A bit later, Little Miss I Said No Two Times said “I need (a favorite term of hers) that (as she points to the ketchup) on this! (as she points to her hash browns)”

Not in your lifetime.

September 18, 2007

Where’d it go? (1 Comment)

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I made some very yummy Peaches and Cream muffins the other day. I made them with the sour cream option instead of milk. We had them for dessert.

I was gathering up the paper cup liners when I noticed there was none around TG. I started looking around for it and asked her where it was.

“I do’know.”

What do you mean you don’t know? Did it fall off the table?

I pull her out and look on her lap and on the floor. By this time everyone was looking around. Where could it be?

Then I asked- “you didn’t eat it, did you?”

By this time she was getting a little perturbed with all the questions and forceably informed me-

“Yes, it’s in my tummy! And it’s NOT fat!”

September 13, 2007

On a Roll (0 Comments)

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We bought a bike for KJ a few months ago. She had been riding the Dirt King trike and we probably would have let her stay with it for awhile longer except that her “little” sister was able to ride it too. I would let one ride it half way and then the other would get to ride it. This was working but it also meant that one would have to walk part of the way which slowed us down. We might also have waited for her birthday but it comes in mid-fall when the weather is not the best for going for rides. As I mentioned earlier we left the training wheels on but had them quite high so that it was easier to go over the rocks.

We were out for a walk/ride the other day when it was noticed that one of the training wheels was loose. It got so bad that her Papa took it off. She rode back to the house with only one training wheel on the bike. She did well. When we got back to the house Papa took the other one off too. He started her out and ZOOM down the driveway she went and back again too!

She has done well since then too, she still has trouble getting started and corners are still a bit, shall we say, wide. There was the incident where she ran into the side of the house. The house apparently leaped out in front of her and there was nothing she could do but run into it. Houses can be unpredictable like that.

September 11, 2007

Parade (4 Comments)

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We went to a parade in town on Saturday. The kids had been looking forward to it. Because of all the neat things that are in the parade, you ask? Because of the fire trucks, horses, old cars, and Native Americans in beautiful regalia? Silly you. No, it’s because many people hand out candy! Their supply was getting low. It’s a long stretch between Easter and now when they don’t have occasions to get candy and fill their stashes.

I am a mean Mommy in that I don’t let them gobble their candy down when they get it. I make them keep it in the pantry, in bags with their initials on it, and dole it out after they have eaten their lunch. They have come to expect it lately so it hasn’t happened as often.

Now their bags have some new stuff in them. A few more lollipops- which is a favorite. It should help them get through until our Church’s Harvest Party where they get the mother lode of candy supplies. It used to be they didn’t eat the chocolate as much, preferring the other candies so a little Mousey would come along and help get rid of it for them. Now, unfortunately for the Mousey, they have discovered the joys of chocolate. Isn’t it a shame?

9-11 (1 Comment)

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9-11 Manhatten

Never forget.

September 10, 2007

Score One for the Home Team (1 Comment)

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As you may know from a previous post, we’re not exactly on good speaking terms with the pheasants that are ravaging our garden. In fact, I resorted to borrowing a certain loud “dissuader” from a friend of mine. The tool makes a loud noise when discharged, propels small metal pellets rapidly through the air, and its name rhymes with “not fun.”

Except that it is. Particularly when you’ve just caught the perpetrators in their wanton act of criminal destruction, they’ve attempted to make their rapid getaway, a loud bang resounds, and one of them suddenly drops from view into the 10′ high scotch thistle patch in the corner of a neighboring field. I’ll admit that this doesn’t happen very often. I’m a newbie with this instrument, having grown up with rifles and pistols instead. Although I’m learning, my percentage is rather dismal.

Of course, all three children insist on being involved with the patrol efforts, but it rather surprised me when KJ wanted to examine one of the corpses, and was not in the least fazed by the blood-stained body of the feathered felon.

So, we were late on our way to an evening service at church, and not letting any grass grow under the tires of our van, when about a mile or so up the road, a close relative of one of our garden gangsters ran out in front of the vehicle. It was pretty close anyway, and as we were in quite a hurry, I didn’t make any effort to take evasive action. There was a thud down low, a body and feathers flew up through the air, and it was all over.

“What was that?” came the queries from the back seat.

A pheasant.

“Good job, Papa!” the cheery, encouraging voice of KJ replied.

I guess when you’re as bad a shot as I am, you need all the encouragement you can get.