January 21, 2012

Define The Term Round 2 (1 Comment)

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Short Cut:

A.  A route that looks like less mileage on the map.

B.  Usually scenic.

C. A route that usually takes more time than expected.

D.  The way we usually go.

E. All of the above.

December 18, 2010

Define The Term (2 Comments)

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Scenic Route:

A. The longest possible way to get to where you are going even if it looks shorter on the map.

B. The way with the most curves, ups and downs, and washboards.

C. The way with the most adventure and memory building events.

D. All of the above.

August 5, 2010

We be Homeschooled (2 Comments)

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“Mom, where is the ag basket?” Pixie asked as she came into my bedroom.

Umm, “ag” basket? Agricultural basket?  Is that like the Bread Basket of the United States? No!  Couldn’t be.

“What “ag” basket? What do you mean?”

“You know, the ag basket we put the eggs in.”

February 19, 2009

My Friend (0 Comments)

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Miss Sunshine has name issues. When she likes someone she calls them “My Friend” even when she knows their name. She did that with the boy that they argued about, hardly ever using his name. Then a new “My Friend” came into the picture.

The local homeschool group has a sports time where the older kids learn to play a variety of sports and then we go over to a local gym and have recreation time. It’s just a big free for all open gym time where the kids can run around, play with balls and have a good time. The Moms sit around talking. After one of these days, MIss Sunshine came home talking about “My Friend”. A girl this time. After several times, I managed to get a name out of her but there are two girls with that name. At first I thought it was the younger one but with help from The Boy and Pixie, I figured out it was the older one- she’s probably 10. I don’t really notice them interacting that much but it she seems to have made an impression.

Miss Sunshine thinks “My Friend” is really neat. She gets excited that she might see her, makes her drawings and cards. It’s fun to see.

I suppose, one of these days, “My Friend” will change. I just hope it doesn’t take me weeks to figure out who she is talking about.

February 17, 2009

Us Girls (10 Comments)

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“Us girls don’t like that!”

“Us girls want to go there.”

A united front of girls.

United front

January 15, 2009

Borned a Baby (2 Comments)

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“Has R borned a baby?” asked Sunshine about a month ago.

Umm, no.

“When will she borned a baby?” she persisted.

Honey, as far as I know, there is no baby .

“But she got married!”

Yes, and that was a good first step but, you know, that it takes a long time to make a baby.

“Yes, I know!!!” Miss Know-It-All stated. She is the child that is always saying “I know!” loudly when a person tries to explain something that she obviously doesn’t understand. I’m also not to sure about her listening skills.

I thought the matter was laid to rest. I told R’s mother about it and we got a good chuckle out of it.

R came over for dinner the other day. Before they got here Miss Sunshine asked again-

“When will R borned her baby?”

I told you there is no baby!

“Yes, I know it takes a long time- but when?”


I rolled my eyes as we went round and round again.

Not believing her Mother, who obviously knows nothing about babies, she approached R after dinner.

“When are you borning a baby?”

Luckily, R has a sense of humor and again explained that there is no baby and probably will not be one for awhile. I hope this puts that idea to rest, I’m not holding my breath.

May 8, 2008

Falling Off Side (0 Comments)

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I was sitting on Pixie’s bed, talking to the girls before they went to bed when Pixie said:

“I want to sleep with Papa!”

You do? And where would I sleep?

She giggled, Otters often giggle, and said “You could sleep there too!”

How kind.

“I’d sleep in the middle, between you and Papa.”

Ah, that clears that up.

TG pops into the conversation “I want to sleep with Papa too!”

I must be chopped liver.

Where would you sleep?

“On the……(uses her hands to make a circle motion as she struggles to find the right words)…..falling off side!”

May 3, 2008

Fork (2 Comments)

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The meat from a pig.

April 30, 2008

Pizza Straps and Other Clothing Issues (0 Comments)

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Thin straps on a dress.

Known to the rest of us as “spaghetti” straps. But, you know, all those Italian foods sound the same.


We went to clothes shopping the other day. Mainly because I wanted to figure out what sizes Pixie and The Boy were in. We went to one of our two options in town- whoopie! Aren’t we the shopping metropolis? Makes you want to run right over here and shop with us, doesn’t it?

The Boy has worn holes in all his jeans knees so some jeans were in order for him. I made him try some on- and he actually cooperated and did it! I was so pleased, and relieved. He found a pair that worked. At home, his Papa asked how many pairs we bought. I said “one”. He looked at me a bit funny until I explained that it was almost summer (I use the term “almost” because I am wondering if warm weather will ever come to stay) when he wears shorts all the time and if I bought more than one then he will have out grown them before the fall and probably hardly worn them. So we will revisit jeans this fall.

Pixie doesn’t have much to wear. We don’t have any “hand me downs” for her. I had bought a few items off the sales rack over the winter but not enough. And not any dresses or skirts. Staples in that girl’s wardrobe. I had looked on-line to see what I could find but was having a very hard time deciding what size. She is tall for her age and thin. Very thin. I grabbed a dress that had “pizza straps” and went to the dressing room with her to see what it looked like. I was horrified when she got it on. The arm holes reached down to her waist, the little triangles covered strategic parts of her chest but left a LOT exposed. This just would not do! As she looked in the mirror she declared that she liked it! Of course, she would- it was pink. I was thinking there is no way! when I noticed that the “pizza straps” were adjustable. Whew! It’s also nice because maybe she can wear it for a longer period of time too.

We looked at skirts. Sigh. The ones that fit her around the waist are size 4/5 and are way too short. The 6’s are too big around the waist and practically fall off of her. Either way, she’s flashing people. Although, there are scooters out there that have a short built in under the skirt. But still, having all that leg sticking out from the bottom…. I asked a friend if she would be willing to sew lace or something on the bottom of the 4/5s and she said yes. She said she could also take in an inch on the sides of the 6’s pretty easy too. I wonder how hard that would be with the shorts in there too? I had thought that maybe TG would wear them after Pixie but if they are taken in, I don’t know if she will be able to do that. But, at the moment, TG is rebelling against wearing dresses- there is a ton of dresses hanging in her closet and she refuses to wear them. But she is very happy to wear the tan pants.

April 18, 2008

A Dolt (1 Comment)

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Grown up.

Usage: “Papa can do what ever he wants because he’s a dolt!”