April 8, 2013

The Continuing, Never Ending, Sickness Saga (2 Comments)

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March was a very bad, no good month.  The school year was growing long, the dark of winter was just starting to give way to spring light and weariness was settling in.  Then it hit.

At first having a ill child was a nice break from the routine.  A reason to stay home and take life a bit slower.  Unfortunately, the kids kept  catching things.  First one would get the flu (fever, and sore throat), then a week later, another, a few days later the last.  Once in awhile they’d space it closer together but most of the time they played the cruel trick on their Mother of letting her think it was all past and it was clear sailing when doom would hit again.  Then it was The Stomach Bug.  By this time, I was being neurotic about cleaning door knobs, light switches, faucet handles and toilets.  Four days passed.  I was feeling hope.  Then it hit the next one.  The first had been bad but passed quickly.  This one was worse and it lingered.  My Little Sunshine didn’t eat hardly anything for three days and when I pushed eating something she didn’t keep it in her system.  She was dragging and eating light for far too long before she perked up.  One hadn’t caught The Nasty Stomach Bug and I watched, fearfully.  Nothing for a long time.  I thought for sure we were out of the woods.  And she didn’t catch The Nasty Stomach Bug, yet anyway.  But that one is also The One Most Likely to Relapse and she did just that.  A bit of fever,lack of appetite.  One day she was dragging, the next up and playing the next dragging and not feeling well. Slowly she had more good days.

Finally, after six weeks of one sort of illness or another I thought we were done with it.  We hadn’t gone many places, hadn’t seen many people. It had been seven days without any one having a fever or losing their lunches. Four days without someone not feeling well.  I was optimistic about being able to spend time with friends.  I was looking forward to life resuming.

This morning, The Boy said his stomach didn’t feel right.  He said it felt like it did before he had The Nasty Stomach Bug.  And again my hopes were dashed.

I have spent time today cleaning faucet handles, toilets, door knobs and toothbrushes. My hands are dry after washing them every five seconds.  I have spend time touching my Man Boy when he needed me.  This week will be a slower week then I had planned after all.

I was told that there are as many as Nine strands of virus going around that manifests itself in similar ways.

I just pray we don’t get all nine.

This too shall pass.  I think I’ll be ready when it does.


  1. I am so sorry you guys have been sick. That is no fun at all. I hope whatever it is you guys can get it kicked for good so you can start enjoying the spring weather more.

    Comment by Julie — April 9, 2013 @ 7:48 am

  2. NINE. No, I do not believe you need all nine strains!! Ugh! Enough is enough.

    Comment by Karen. — April 9, 2013 @ 8:24 am

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